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tv   CBS Morning News  Me-TV  November 27, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, november 27th, 2015. this is the cbs news. online spending season if on thanksgiving and millions will hit the stores today on black friday. demonstrators in chicago are ready to disrupt black friday shopping because of a shooting of a black terge by a white police officer. a flag draped intruder scaled a fence and made it on to the north lawn of the white house. unplanned landing.
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york high don championship is at the toys "r" us store in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 135 million people are expected to hit stores during this four-day holiday weekend. even though the economy is improving, retailers only expect a slight increase in sales which will mean big competition and great deals. shoppers lined up thursday night. many got a head-start on their holiday shopping on so-called gray thursday, ditching turkey dinner for discounts at major retailers. >> i'll be saving about 250, which is great for my budget. >> reporter: some best buy
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big ticket items to invoice pushing and shoving. for some, the experience was too much. these men got into a fight at a kentucky mall, as shoppers screamed and stepped back. along with crowds, shoppers heading out today will see heightened security in the wake of the paris terror attacks two weeks ago. >> we have police officers in uniform, undercover police. we have our own security force and we make changes as we see that are needed. >> reporter: the national retail federation expect sales to hit the 630 billion mark, a 3% increase from last year. the national retail federation also says that about 60% of holiday shoppers actually started their shopping earlier this month. and in what is certainly a sign of the times for the first time
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their work on smartphones. >> i can believe that. if i knew you were going to be there, i would send with you a list. i have all kinds of things to pick up. don championship in new york, thanks a lot, don. shoppers are already looking forward to cybermonday. tim stevens will guide you through the best online deals coming up on "cbs this morning." protesters in chicago are planning to disrupt black friday shopping. in just a few hours they plan to fill the city's malignantgnificent mile as shoppers fill the area. they want to know why it took more than a year to charge the white officer with murder of laquan mcdonald. >> it's going to shake up michigan avenue and make some people uncomfortable and it should. this is one of the big shopping days of the year and people will understand this is serious for all of us. >> the protests are scheduled to start at 11:00.
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the magnificent mile plans to step up security. locals delivered a thanksgiving dinner to the group on a snowy day. the protesters have been camping out outside of a police precinct to protest the deadly shooting of jamar clark by a white police officer. a mix of rain, snow, and ice will affect black friday shoppers from texas all the way to michigan. a massive storm system could dump up to 8 inches of rain in some areas by the weekend. dallas has already seen record rainfall for friday. rain totals could push higher than an inch. people in wichita, kansas saw down pours. temperatures dipped last night creating the threat for sleet and freezing rain. in western iowa, snow created a white thanksgiving and created a rough drive around sioux city. more snow is expected here this week. a white house bench jumper
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for several hours on thanksgiving. joseph kacaputo is under arrest. kris van cleave shows us what happened. >> reporter: a photographer captured the moment caputo wearing gloves draped in an american flag hopped the fortified white house fence and holding a binder in his arms and throwing his arms in the air seemingly in celebration. >> i heard him take a big deep breath and whisper to himself, all right, let's do this and he took off. he jumped over the barricade and then climbed the fence and went over, he kind of lifted his arms up. >> reporter: the intruder dropped to his knees with his hands in the air as the secret service rushed to arrest him. >> it was chaotic. everyone around us was yelling and kids were crying. it was pretty unexpected. >> reporter: his flag was put into an evidence bag while the bomb squad searched the white house lawn. the fact he made it over the fence. in july, new spikes were
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installed on the white house fence to make it harder to climb. the secret service called that a temporary security measure until a long-term solution could be implemented. this jumper included a series of imprachlts embarrassments where this guy made it to the east room and one of three men to jump the fence last year. police tell us criminal charges
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caputo but w vladimir putin. chris boswell shows us how the off. >> reporter: they say their countries will work together with the u.s. to fight isis. russia and france have agreed to coordinate their military strikes and share some intelligence information. during the leaders talks, hollande alsoemphasized saying bashar al assad must go. but syria says its people should choose their leader. russia's cooperation with the u.s. and its allies comes with a warning. putin says it won't continue if there is another incident like the one earlier this week. .
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turkey, a nato member, shot down a russian jet near the syrian border killing one of its pilots. turkey said the plane strayed into its air space and released a garbled recording of a warning it gave the russian jet a warning ahead of time. but putin hinted that it's america's fault, saying russia filed a flight plan with the u.s. military and says the plane never deviated from its path. republican presidential cane ben carson will spend the day in jordan to meet with syrian refuges. carson has faced criticism for his lack of foreign policy experience. he says the surprise trip will give him a firsthand understanding of the refuge kris. president obama referenced the refuges in his address. >> the world is still full of pilgrims. men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for
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what makes america america is that we offer that chance. >> the president's plan calls for allowing 10,000 syrian refuges into the u.s. over the next year. donald trump wants an apology this morning. >> now the poor guy, you have to see this guy. oh, i don't know what i said. i don't remember! >> trump now denies remembering reporter at all. in a statement thursday, he said, i don't know if he is j.j. prime. despite having one of the all-time great memories, i certainly do not remember him. coming up on the morning news, a parade fly-by. a drone triggers a security scare at new york city's biggest we will tell you who is behind
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introducing otezla, a blimp made an unplanned landing yesterday on new york's long island. the blimp was advertising a health care training school when winds picked up and the pilot feared he had run out of fuel. he brought the aircraft down in a high school field with the aid of some people on the ground who rushed in to help. the only thing bigger than the balloons in the thanksgiving day parade in new york city was the nypd's presence. a record number of officers were on duty during yesterday's parade. 2,500 officers kept spectators safe with some stations on rooftops and others watching above in helicopters. but a drone spotted at the parade caused some tense moments. it's just one of the headlines on the morning's newsstand. "the washington post" reports bliss busted two russian tourists for flying a drone over the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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flew the drone above the parade at its starting point by central park, despite all of the heightened security. the father was given a summons. the denver post reports two brothers survived avalanches in colorado, though, they each thought, at first, that the other had died. the skiers were struck by two avalanches wednesday near telluride separating the brothers. one was buried by the snow and he began to search for his brother who had already taken off to get help. authorities are close to capturing a tiger that escaped from a zoo a month ago. the animal apparently van issued in an area on mexico's pacific coast. replies they believe they will find the tiger in a few days. we will show you the latest clip from the upcoming "star wars" movie. later, the party is over.
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the country. viewed more than 2 million times. it focuses on the villains they will meet when the movie opens december 18th. ahead on "cbs this morning," we will have more on "star wars" as part of our holiday movie preview. a party pooper for the annual holiday office party and a new recall for the costco's tainted chicken salad. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> the california farm believed to supply the vegetable mix contaminated with e. coli is being recalled. onion and that sickened 19 people in seven states. the cdc expects that number to grow in the coming weeks, even though the product has been pulled from store shelves. the markets open on a shortened schedule today after taking a break from the
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thanksgiving holiday. the s&p lost a fraction of the point and the nasdaq gained 13. baz news for airline. expected growth in air travel the next 20 years was revised downward. airline passengers are now expected to double to 7 billion by 2034 but that is actually down from an earlier projection of 7.4 billion. the international air transport association blames a weakened global economy and an economic slowdown in china for the expected drop. and fewer and fewer companies are throwing holiday parties, but for those workers who loathe them, the parties aren't extinct just yet. 30% of companies don't have holiday parties all for most workers. they say their company cut the festivity this year because of budget reasons. >> i can see some people being disappointed but others feeling a little relieved. no more awkward conversations with the guy from accounting that you never knew worked for
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. 3-2-1! >> green bay packer fans cheering as brett favre's number 4 is unveiled on the facade of lambeau field.
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despite the cold, wind-whipped rain, favre delivered a warm message to the fans who backed him for 16 seasons. >> i certainly thank god for the opportunity to play a game i love so much and to play it for such a long time and the best place to play football in the world. >> favre shared an embrace with another packer great, 81-year-old bart starr who joined the halftime ceremony. and that might have been the best part of green bay's thanksgiving night game. the packers' struggles continue with the game on the line in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter, aaron rodgers pass into the end zone is deflected away and that sealed a 17-13 win for chicago. green bay has lost four of its last five games. the carolina panthers are now 11-0. the panthers defense scores twice on returns of tony romo's interceptions to run away with a 33-14 win! the defeat is costly for the cowboys. romo reinjures his collar bone and is reportedly out for the
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and the detroit lions feast on a bird other than turkey! quarterback matthew stafford carves up the philadelphia defense for five touchdowns, as the lions pick apart the eagles 5 5 45-14. he wasn't in uniform on thursday but new england patriots quarterback dressed up and was in a turkey costume and waited under a pile of leaves to find them. it looks like he got his holidays mixed up because the kids seem a little spooked by that prank. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," holiday travel tips. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves.
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pope francis got quite a
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reception at a youth rally in nairobi, kenya, this morning. about 60,000 people packed a stadium to see him. he thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm. in his address, he urged young people to reject radical exremism. the pope travels to uganda later today. back home, pope francis is being credited with a miracle after giving a baby a kiss after his trip to philadelphia later this year. david spunt of our philadelphia station kyw reports. >> reporter: it's the little kiss jiana's parents call the miracle on market and they insist that quick kiss is partially responsible for her quick recovery. >> i think all this is from god. you know? the pope was just a messenger from god. >> reporter: 1-year-old jiana has a rare inoperable brain tumor. her blood cells attacked her brain stem weeks after her birth
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the macedonian clan showed up for the papal parade in front of independence hall and expecting maybe a quick glance, but thanks to a friend from the fbi. >> oh, my god! oh! [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! god bless. >> reporter: see the man holding jiana? who is jiana's older brother. dominique is jiana's older brother. they say the similar names is just a sign of divine intervention. they believe the proof is in the scans. here is the scan before the pope's kiss and here is the scan at the end of october. >> you can hardly see the tumor. in so many of the cuts, it's just a blur. >> reporter: the scans next to each other clearly show a difference. the left is before the kiss, the right, after. >> she is getting better and stronger. she's blowing kisses.
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things. >> reporter: jiana was named for st. jiana, a modern day saint from italy who died in 1962. st. jiana's daughter was in philadelphia and met little jiana during the papal's weekend. jiana parents insist her future is a bright one and they can't wait to sit down one day to show and tell her what a difference one kiss can make. >> last year was about living in honor of her. now we are going to get to live with her. >> that was kyw's david spunt reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," help with flying home this busy holiday weekend. peter greenberg has advice on getting through ramped-up security. plus, a look at holiday commercials that are hitting the air waves right about now. and a preview of cybermonday. cnet will tell us where to find the best bargains online. that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day. >> you're watching kcci 8 news.
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coming down in the metro. thousands were out and about getting ready for the thanksgiving holiday. thursday's rain turning to ice. what road crews are doing right now to prepare. good morning, thanks for waking up dark and early with us. it's 4:30 on friday, november 26. we were talking just a moment ago how cold it is, and the rain turned into ice. jason: they did a good job free treating the road so that helped but there were a lot of roads that were slick, especially through northwestern portions of the state. in the metro i was driving around and there were patches that were slick but it was certainly better than it could have been. light snow returning on radar near sioux city and down near omaha. it could get into southern portions of the state. we topped out at a quarter of an
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